Hot Water Heater Repair Columbus, Ga

Water Heater Repair In Columbus, Ga

Hot Water Heater Repair Services in Columbus, GA: Almost everybody is used to hot water. And when it lacks, you can be stressed and uncomfortable.

We rely on water heaters for everything, starting with crucial tasks like bathing, cleaning, to cooking. Once your water heater malfunctions or breaks down, everything comes to a standstill. Luckily, Appliance Repair CGA is here for you!

Our hot water heater repair technicians are ready to offer the best water heater services to help you. We offer excellent repair services to business owners and homeowners in Columbus, GA.

We will carefully assess the cause of the problems plaguing your water heater for all the brands and make necessary repairs. Your happiness is our number one priority!

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Commons Signs of Faulty Water Heaters

Once you identify and report a particular issue, you will probably avoid a larger and costlier problem. Here are several signs that prove that your water heater needs repairing:

Irregular Water Temperature: In case you have noticed that sometimes your water doesn't come out hot as per your expectations but comes out cold or lukewarm contrary to your expectations, there are chances that your water heater is broken. Contact us for assessment and necessary repairs.

Water Discoloration: You expect water from your faucets to be colorless. In case there are little dark particles, or your water is rusty or brownish, your water heater probably is the culprit. Our qualified water heater technicians will clean the hot water tanks to avoid potential health hazards.

hot water heater repair columbus

Running Out of Hot Water Quickly: Water heaters have the design to maintain water hot at all times. Therefore, if you run out of hot water more than expected, it means that the heating element is not working.

Funny Noises from the Tank: As your water heater ages, you will start hearing a minor buzz that slowly grows to loud sounds. Many homeowners assume that their water heater might burst, but that is not the case. It is perfectly normal for water heaters to make little noises, but if it makes loud bangs or cracking noises, act immediately.

Leaking Water: Apart from noise, your water heater structure can weaken. This can lead to water pooling around the tank, which might be dangerous, especially to homeowners with small kids, other electrical appliances, and pets. Therefore, if you notice any leakages in your water heater, have it repaired immediately.

Corrosion: Corrosion of the water heater implies that you need a new appliance. You can confirm that the heater is corroded or has rust only if you notice this from the outside. If you still want to get more out of it, you should find our professionals and let us help you.