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Enjoy Consistent Ice Supply with Our Ice Maker Repair Services: Every modern home and business wants to have an ice maker for a considerable amount of ice when a need arises. But that doesn’t happen without issues arising at times. To be honest, many homeowners have, at some point, been frustrated with their appliances.

Whether you use a small ice maker in your freezer or have a sizable standalone machine, you can run into problems when you least expect it. Fortunately, our technicians are here to help you with ice maker repair services in Columbus. We will quickly diagnose and repair your issues and ensure that you start enjoying your appliance.

There is no better feeling than having an ice-cold drink! So contact our ice maker repair Columbus, Ga team today.

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Repair Services for All Types of Ice Makers

We can fix all kinds of ice maker machines for your home use or business. These includes:

  • Self-Contained Ice Machines – Also referred to as under counter ice machines. Their compact size makes them suitable for storage in small areas.
  • Modular Ice Machines – The machines produce large amounts of ice and are suitable for commercial usage. They have separate units like ice dispensers, beverage machines, and ice bins.
  • Ice Dispenser – Ice dispensers are self-service machines made to make ice and dispense it from the unit.
  • Countertop Ice Makers – These are compact, self-service units made to produce small, chewable ice. Suitable for small areas like tables and countertops
  • Flake Ice Machines – These types of ice makers come as under-counter, bin-combo, or dispenser units. They make chips of flaked ice for salad bars, blended cocktails, and ice wraps for therapeutic purposes.


ice makeer repair columbus ga

Common Ice Maker Issues that We Repair

A faulty ice maker can experience different types of issues. These issues are as follows:

Too Warm Freezer: Freezers must be between 0-5 Fahrenheit for proper functioning. Therefore, if they go below or above this range, there might be a problem.

Issues with the Freezer Switch: When the freezer switch switches off accidentally, this might significantly compromise the functionality of your ice maker. It’s also affected if the freezer switch is defective.

Defective Water Inlet Valve: If the electromechanical valve malfunctions, the water supply is cut off. Therefore, you would probably have no ice made by the appliance.

Ice Level Control Board Fail: If the ice level control fails, there would be an overflow of ice level when it reaches its maximum point. The control boards should control the ice once it comes to this level.

Defective Mold Thermostat: Mold thermostats eject ice cubes once they reach a proper temperature. If you experience any advancement and refills of the ice cubes even when you expect the ice maker not to, there are chances that this part is damaged.

Why Our Ice Maker Repair Services Are the Best

Once your ice maker has stopped working, you may be unsure who to turn to. Fortunately, we utilize fully trained specialists in ice maker repair and come equipped with the latest and most excellent tools. Our team of experts provides flexible scheduling anytime and will update you of your repair appointments whichever way you prefer.

Contact us today and enjoy our ice maker repair services wherever you are in Columbus, GA, and the surrounding areas.

We are also happy to service Phenix City and the surrounding areas. Give us a call for the best Appliance Repair Service in Columbus, GA!